Sign Up to Receive Text Message Notifications

Keep up-to-date with your library account activity on your mobile phone via text message.This service is provided by Shoutbomb. Please note that while the Library does not charge a fee to use the Shoutbomb service, your mobile phone service plan standard text messaging rates apply.

With the Shoutbomb text messaging service, you can use your mobile phone to:

  - Receive text notices about: holds that are available, items that are due soon, overdue items, and fines that are added to your account.
  - Send a text to renew an item. If the item is eligible for renewal, your text message will renew it. If the item is not eligible for renewal,your text will not renew it. Either result will be reported by text message.
  - Texts will be sent only when activity on your account triggers a message and will usually arrive around 9am.

If you have questions about Shoutbomb, or if you have trouble signing up, please contact your library.

What You Need

  - A mobile phone and wireless service that can send text messages to an email address.
  - The barcode number from your Library card (ten digits, Dxxxxxxxxx), and the PIN for your library account.
  - The PIN for your library account. If you don't know your Pin, please contact your library.

Signing Up

To get started, enter your information in the form below.

Top of Form

Your Mobile Phone Number:
(10 digits, no hyphens or spaces, i.e. 5551239999)

Select Your Service Provider:

Boost Mobile
Illinois Valley Cellular
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile

Your Library Card #:
(D & 9 characters, no hyphens or spaces, i.e. D998877665)  

Bottom of Form


If your mobile phone provider isn't listed, please email with the name of your mobile phone service provider and, if possible, we'll add them to the list.

After you submit this form, Shoutbomb should text you a confirmation message within 10 minutes. You will need to reply with WEBCONFIRM then your PIN when prompted in a separate text. If you don't receive a confirmation message, text WEBCONFIRM to to continue the process.

Alternatively, you can complete the entire sign up process with text messages. To sign up using just your mobile phone, text: SIGNUP to: Shoutbomb will text you back and ask for your library card number and PIN in separate texts.

Getting Started with Shoutbomb

Below are commands to help you get started using the Shoutbomb service. For a printable brochure of Shoutbomb instructions, please click here.

Basic Keyword Commands

You can text these commands to; follow any instructions that are texted back to you:
  - ADDCARD  Register an additional Library card for text messages on your phone.
  - DROPCARD  Cancel text notices for a card added with ADDCARD.
  - ZIPCODE #####  (Substitute your 5-digit zip code for #####.) Add your zip code to match your phone with your home library. For future features.
  - TEST  Test your connection to Shoutbomb.
  - HELP  Get information about all Shoutbomb commands.
  - RESEND  Get the last message from Shoutbomb again.
  - QUIT  Delete your mobile device from the Shoutbomb notice service.

Replying to Notices

Your account notices will prompt you to respond with optional commands, including:
  - HL  Get a list of holds that are ready for pickup. (Holds notice.)
  - RL  Get a list of items you can renew. (Courtesy notice.)
  - RA  Renew all eligible items. (Courtesy notice.)
  - OL  Get a list of overdue items. (Overdue notice.)

Message Settings

To view and change your Shoutbomb message settings, text these commands:
  - NOTICES  See your current on/off status for each type of notice. Do this first!
  - HOLDS  Toggles your holds notices off/on.
  - RENEW  Toggles your courtesy notices (about items that are due soon) off/on.
  - OVERDUE  Toggles your overdue notices off/on.
  - FEES  Toggles your notices about fines and fees off/on.

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