Pay Fines

Patrons must visit any branch of the Illinois Prairie District Public Library to pay fines or fees in person.

MOST items are assessed a fine of $.05 cents PER ITEM PER DAY after the due date.
DVDs and Videocassettes are assessed a fine of $.25 cents per day PER ITEM.

Charges for lost or damaged items are based on the replacement cost of the item or the repair cost of the item. These costs vary. Items determined irreparable by library staff will be treated as lost items and fines will be charged accordingly. Please speak with a staff member to determine charges.

There is also a non-refundable $5 processing fee for each lost item.

Lost or damaged items belonging to other libraries (but received and borrowed at Illinois Prairie District Public Library) may incur different charges than those owned by Illinois Prairie District Public Library. Please contact Illinois Prairie District Public Library for more information.

The library does not accept debit/credit cards at this time. Cash/checks are the only forms of payment the library accepts.