Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Requests for items not owned by Illinois Prairie District Public Library or not available in the RSACat catalog may be filled via Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary Loan is a free service available to anyone with a valid Illinois Prairie District Public Library card. (Customers with cards other than Illinois Prairie District Public Library cards should contact the library which issued the card.) Books and other materials, such as magazine articles and audio books, can be borrowed from another library per patron request. Illinois Prairie District Public Library staff locates and requests the material and contacts the patron when available. The material may then be checked out at Illinois Prairie District Public Library by the patron for a specified time period.

How do I request an Interlibrary Loan?

An Interlibrary Loan request may be placed in person at any of the 6 branches of the Illinois Prairie District Public Library, by phone at (309) 367-4594, or online by using the form below.

If you are requesting an item that comes in an alternative format (a video in DVD or VHS format, or a book in large or regular print, for instance), please include in the body of your email the following:

1. The specific format of the item you are requesting (Large print, CD or cassette, DVD or VHS, etc.).

2. Whether or not you still wish to receive the item in an alternative format if it is not available in the format you requested (for instance, you want to request a movie, and you prefer the DVD version, but could still use the VHS version OR you don’t want it at all if only the VHS format is available). You only need to specify this information items in the media type you selected (i.e. books will not be sent for movie requests).

To ask a question about interlibrary loan, please fill out and send the form below.  To ask a question about genealogical research, please click here. To ask a question about digital resources, click here. To report an issue with the library website, please click here. For all other questions, please click here.