Account Password Help

How Do I Access My IPDPL (RSACat) Account?

1) Click on Review my Account under the My Account menu item.
2) Enter your 10 digit library card ID number in the ID Card Number field.
3) Your password is CHANGEME. If CHANGEME doesn’t work, you will need to contact the library at (309) 367-4594 for your password.
4) Once you have logged into your account, click on the “My Account” link at the top of the page to personalize your password, renew materials, review your account, or change your address.

What is my library account PIN/password? What is my password to download eBooks and audiobooks?

If you have never set or are unsure of your PIN (password) to your library card and library account, please call the library at (309) 367-4594 with your library card number. For your protection, you may be asked to confirm other personal information before receiving your PIN.

Alternatively, you may select to contact the library through the catalog.

Your PIN provides online access to your library account and to Alliance Digital Media Library (downloadable eBooks and audiobooks).

To ask a librarian for help with your password, please click here.