Title Author
A cousin's challenge  Brunstetter, Wanda E.
A touch of dead Sookie Stackhouse Harris, Charlaine.
A word to the wise  Heinzmann, David.
Alibis and lies  Mayr, Ilsa.
Becoming Lucy  Rogers, Martha
Beguiled  Gist, Deeanne.
Big girl  Steel, Danielle.
Big trouble in a small town  Kennison, Jim.
Brava, Valentine  Trigiani, Adriana.
Chocolate magic Benjamin, Zelda.
Critical care  Calvert, Candace
Fantasy in death Robb, J. D.
Fantasy in death  Robb, J. D.
Flirt  Hamilton, Laurell K.
Forbidden Falls Carr, Robyn.
Ghosts of Timber Wolf Meszaros, V. S.
Hostile intent  Walsh, Michael
House rules  Picoult, Jodi
I, sniper  Hunter, Stephen
Impact  Preston, Douglas J.
Island sojourn Thomas, Katrina
One good dog Wilson, Susan
Poor little bitch girl  Collins, Jackie.
Rose's hope Wilkins, Sandra.
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt  Hoffman, Beth.
Secrets of Eden Bohjalian, Christopher A.
Sizzle Garwood, Julie.
Split image Parker, Robert B.
Tell-all  Carson, Nell.
Tempting the earl  Andrews, Wendy May.
The honor of spies  Griffin, W. E. B.
The legacy Amos, Diane.
The lightkeeper's daughter  Coble, Colleen.
The midnight house  Berenson, Alex.
The must of murder Seffer, Neta.
The not so simple life  Adams, Alayne
The postmistress  Blake, Sarah
The swan thieves Kostova, Elizabeth.
Too many murders  McCullough, Colleen
Winter garden  Hannah, Kristin.
Without a sword Snow, Arianna.
Worst case Patterson, James


Title Author
A guide to potty training  Young, Caroline.
Albert Pujols  Rains, Rob.
Best church supper recipes   
Committed  Gilbert, Elizabeth
Courage and consequence  Rove, Karl.
Design rules  Griffin, Elaine
Drive  Pink, Daniel H.
Extreme Halloween  Nardone, Tom.
Game change  Heilemann, John
Hidden power Marton, Kati.
How to never look fat again Krupp, Charla.
I am Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy
Michelle style Norwood, Mandi.
More extraordinary uses for ordinary things  
Natural alternatives for you and your home  Kellar, Casey.
Official Overstreet Indian arrowheads identification and price guide  Overstreet, Robert M.
On the brink  Paulson, Henry M.
One-income household  Reynolds, Susan
Staying true Sanford, Jenny
The 4-hour workweek Ferriss, Timothy.
The checklist manifesto  Gawande, Atul.
The happiness project  Rubin, Gretchen Craft.
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot, Rebecca
The joy of keeping chickens  Megyesi, Jennifer Lynn
The kind diet  Silverstone, Alicia.
The lazy environmentalist on a budget  Dorfman, Josh.
The Mayo Clinic diet   
The politician  Young, Andrew
The potter's studio clay and glaze handbook  Zamek, Jeff.
The treehouse book  Collins, Candida.
This green house Piven, Joshua.
Tipbook acoustic guitar  Pinksterboer, Hugo.
Tips for knitters Bliss, Debbie.
True green home McKay, Kim.
What to do when a loved one dies Price, Steven D.
Willie Mays : the life, the legend Hirsch, James S.
Windows 7 for seniors   
You, on a diet  Roizen, Michael F.
Zany wooden toys that whiz, spin, pop, and fly Gilsdorf, Bob


Title Author
Shark girl Bingham, Kelly L.
Airhead Cabot, Meg.
Betsy and the Emperor Rabin, Staton.
Because I'm worth it  Von Ziegesar, Cecily.
All the lovely bad ones Hahn, Mary Downing.
T-minus  Ottaviani, Jim.
Elephant run  Smith, Roland
Lemony Snicket : the unauthorized autobiography  Snicket, Lemony.
The white giraffe  St. John, Lauren
Emma-Jean Lazarus fell out of a tree  Tarshis, Lauren.
A crooked kind of perfect  Urban, Linda.


Title Author
3 pandas planting  Halsey, Megan.
Amelia Bedelia under construction  Parish, Herman.
Chester Raccoon and the acorn full of memories  Penn, Audrey
Chuckie's ghost  Beechen, Adam.
Curious George : up, up, and away  Sacks, Marcy Goldberg.
Danny's blog = El blog de Daniel  Rabley, Stephen.
Dora saves the Snow Princess  
Dorrie and the haunted schoolhouse  Coombs, Patricia.
I did it, dear dragon  Hillert, Margaret.
I love my abuela!  Ricci, Christine.
It's a good game, dear dragon  Hillert, Margaret.
Let's make music.  
Man Sponge saves the day Willson, Sarah.
Max & Mo's Halloween surprise  Lakin, Patricia
My dress-up box   
My name is CheeseHead  David, Erica.
On the road  Cooper, Wade.
Play, play, play, dear dragon  Hillert, Margaret.
Race team  Shealy, Dennis R.
Spooky hayride  James, Brian
The Berenstain Bears' family reunion  Berenstain, Stan
The Berenstain Bears' sleepover  Berenstain, Jan
The school nurse from the black lagoon Thaler, Mike
The tale of Jack Frost  Jones, Marcia Thornton
The twins and the time machine = Rabley, Stephen.
This is my town  Mayer, Mercer
Touchdown! Dear dragon  Hillert, Margaret


Title Author
A hero's quest   
Batman saves the day Frantz, Jennifer.
Batman versus the Joker  Raymond, N. T.
Biscuit visits the doctor  Capucilli, Alyssa.
Biscuit's day at the farm Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Biscuit's first sleepover  Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Christmas fun : a spot-it challenge  Marks, Jennifer
Corey Combine and the Great Big Mess.  
Dora celebrates Earth Day!  Sollinger, Emily.
Fancy Nancy sees stars O'Connor, Jane.
Fun and games : a spot-it challenge Marks, Jennifer
Going to the firehouse  Mayer, Mercer
Groundhog gets a say  Swallow, Pamela Curtis.
Home on the range   
Iron Man : a new hero  Valdo, Marco.
Johnny Tractor saves the parade  Neusner, Dena.
Just a day at the pond  Mayer, Mercer
Make new friends  
Marley to the rescue!  Gaudet, M. K.
Mean machines : a spot-it challenge Marks, Jennifer
Meet Marley  Engel, Natalie.
On the color case  
Save the tree! Frazier, Kermit.
School times : a spot-it challenge  Marks, Jennifer
She'll be comin' round the mountain  
Snowball soup Mayer, Mercer
SpongeBob goes green! Reisner, Molly.
SpongeBob's slap shot  Lewman, David.
Spot the differences  Rosen, Steven.
Steam engine stories   
The lost dinosaur bone  Mayer, Mercer
The missing story mystery Brooke, Bonnie.
The mouse and the princess  
Thomas and the treasure and other stories   
To the rescue!  Mayer, Mercer
Watch me grow! Silverhardt, Lauryn.
Who Bob what pants? Sollinger, Emily.


Title Author
A smart kid's guide to avoiding online predators Jakubiak, David J.
A smart kid's guide to doing Internet research  Jakubiak, David J.
A smart kid's guide to Internet privacy  Jakubiak, David J.
A smart kid's guide to online bullying  Jakubiak, David J.
A smart kid's guide to playing online games  Jakubiak, David J.
A smart kid's guide to social networking online  Jakubiak, David J.
Acting Bezdecheck, Bethany.
Agent Mongoose and the hypno-beam scheme  Jolley, Dan.
Aldous Huxley : brave new world  Reiff, Raychel Haugrud.
Alice Walker : The color purple and other works  Donnelly, Mary.
Alien incident on Planet J  Jolley, Dan.
American archaeology uncovers the earliest English colonies Huey, Lois Miner.
American archaeology uncovers the Underground Railroad Huey, Lois Miner.
American archaeology uncovers the Vikings  Huey, Lois Miner.
American archaeology uncovers the westward movement Huey, Lois Miner.
American archeology uncovers the Dutch colonies  Huey, Lois Miner.
Amusement park rides Mitchell, Susan K.
Anatomy and physiology   
Ancient Celts  Hinds, Kathryn
Ancient Egypt : an interactive history adventure Adamson, Heather
Argentina  Obregón, José María
Arthritis  Bjorklund, Ruth.
Barack Obama  Edwards, Roberta.
Baseball  Gifford, Clive.
Basketball  Gifford, Clive.
Brazil = Brasil  Obregón, José María
Civil unrest in the 1960s Mara, Wil.
Clot & scab : gross stuff about your scrapes, bumps, and bruises  Lew, Kristi.
Conducting basic and advanced searches  Porterfield, Jason.
Costumes and makeup  Lau, Doretta.
Creating multimedia presentations  Orr, Tamra.
Crust & spray : gross stuff in your eyes, ears, nose, and throat Larsen, C. S.
Dance and choreography  Joosten, Michael.
Directing  Bezdecheck, Bethany.
Drills Hanson, Anders
Drug-resistant superbugs  Klosterman, Lorrie.
Early Germans  Hinds, Kathryn
Economic literacy   
Encyclopedia of health.  
England = Inglaterra  Obregón, José María
Fantasy Hamilton, John
Football  Gifford, Clive.
Germany = Alemania  Obregón, José María
Goths  Hinds, Kathryn
Graphic novels  Hamilton, John
Hammers  Hanson, Anders
Harper Lee : To kill a mockingbird Haggerty, Andrew.
Hawk & Drool : gross stuff in your mouth Donovan, Sandra
Hiroshima  Burgan, Michael.
Hockey  Johnstone, Robb.
Horror Hamilton, John
How a depression works Porterfield, Jason.
How a recession works Nagle, Jeanne.
How big is your clothing footprint?  Mason, Paul.
How big is your energy footprint? Mason, Paul.
How big is your food footprint?  Mason, Paul.
How big is your shopping footprint? Mason, Paul.
How big is your travel footprint?  Mason, Paul.
How big is your water footprint?  Mason, Paul.
How globalization works  La Bella, Laura.
How inflation works Hart, Joyce
Huns  Hinds, Kathryn
Italy = Italia  Obregón, José María
Itch & ooze : gross stuff on your skin  Lew, Kristi.
It's all about you  Loewen, Nancy
Joe Biden  Iorio, Nicole.
Just the facts  Loewen, Nancy
Kristallnacht  Mara, Wil.
Kung fu masters Tsang, Evonne.
Lighting  Bringle, Jennifer.
Make me giggle Loewen, Nancy
Mammal anatomy   
Martial arts  Gifford, Clive.
Mexican immigrants in America Hanel, Rachael.
Mexico = México  Obregón, José María
Michelle Obama  Brill, Marlene Targ.
Michelle Obama  Edwards, Roberta.
Mosquito-borne illnesses  Lew, Kristi.
Music and singing Lau, Doretta.
Mystery Hamilton, John
Our country's Presidents  Bausum, Ann.
Personal finance   
Pliers  Hanson, Anders
Rachael Ray Keedle, Jayne.
Ralph Ellison : invisible man Early, Gerald Lyn.
Researching people, places, and events Cefrey, Holly.
Rumble & spew : gross stuff in your stomach and intestines  Donovan, Sandra
Running  Gifford, Clive.
Saws  Hanson, Anders
Scenery and set design Bailey, Diane
Science fiction  Hamilton, John
Screenplay  Hamilton, John
Screwdrivers Hanson, Anders
Scythians and Sarmatians  Hinds, Kathryn
Searching online for image, audio, and video files Furgang, Adam.
Self-defense for women  Soo-Warr, Lavinia.
Share a scare  Loewen, Nancy
Shipwrecked on Mad Island Jolley, Dan.
Soccer  Gifford, Clive.
Stage management and production  Bailey, Diane
Stars on the court  Ladewski, Paul.
Swimming  Gifford, Clive.
Tennis  Gifford, Clive.
The adventurous book of outdoor games  Strother, Scott.
The attack on Pearl Harbor Lassieur, Allison.
The Battle of Bull Run Lassieur, Allison.
The bloody book of blood Barnhill, Kelly Regan.
The Boston Massacre Raum, Elizabeth.
The civil rights movement Adamson, Heather
The Civil War  Doeden, Matt.
The Dust Bowl  Lassieur, Allison.
The Goblin King  Johnson, Alaya Dawn
The Middle Ages Lassieur, Allison.
The pilates handbook  Brignell, Roger.
The pukey book of vomit  Miller, Connie Colwell
The Revolutionary War Raum, Elizabeth.
The slimy book of spit  Miller, Connie Colwell
The snotty book of snot Miller, Connie Colwell
The sweaty book of sweat  Barnhill, Kelly Regan.
The tai chi handbook  Pawlett, Raymond.
The Texas war of independence : the 1800s Worth, Richard.
The trail of tears Marsico, Katie
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire Marsico, Katie
The wee book of pee  Barnhill, Kelly Regan
The Wild West Lassieur, Allison.
The yoga handbook  Finney, Sumukhi.
Tourette syndrome  Bjorklund, Ruth.
Tuberculosis  Wouk, Henry.
Vampire hunt Jolley, Dan.
Vikings Hinds, Kathryn
Vision disorders Klosterman, Lorrie.
Who was Walt Disney?  Stewart, Whitney
William Golding : Lord of the Flies  Reiff, Raychel Haugrud.
World War II Raum, Elizabeth.
Wrenches  Hanson, Anders


Title Author
Grievous attacks!  
Meet Rebecca Greene, Jacqueline Dembar.
Pippa the poppy fairy  Meadows, Daisy.
Rebecca and Ana  Greene, Jacqueline Dembar.
Star Wars : the Clone wars  West, Tracey.
Star wars, the clone wars : Shipyards of doom  Gilroy, Henry.
Tia the tulip fairy  Meadows, Daisy.
Wishful thinking  McElroy, Laurie.


Title Author
A tapestry of hope Peterson, Tracie.
A traitor to memory George, Elizabeth.
A woman's place Austin, Lynn N.
Dearest Dorothy, merry everything! Baumbich, Charlene Ann
Escape to morning Warren, Susan
Kingdom come the final victory LaHaye, Tim F.
Play dirty Brown, Sandra
The brethren Lewis, Beverly
The Chicago way  Harvey, Michael T.
Time bomb  Kellerman, Jonathan

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