Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 4:00 P.M.


Illinois Prairie District Public Library

Metamora Branch Library

208 E. Partridge Street

Metamora, Illinois 61548


1.  Meeting was called to order at 4:08 PM.  Present: Buhr, Kramer, Pugh, Rush, Weddle, Director Grant Fredricksen, and guests Paul Kouri and Douglas Pfeiffer of PSA Dewberry.  Annie Hicks, a prospective Library Board member, was present.  Absent: Ericsson and Zoss.

2.  Paul Kouri presented the results of our public discussion starting with our Mission Statement: “The IPDPL branches are hailed by all of its residents as the place to learn, enjoy, socialize, read, gather and relax.”  Paul showed the results of public opinion as demonstrated by their placement of five dots per person to select favorites.  Interior and exterior public preferences both showed a tendency to the middle, between progressive and traditional design.  Features received 1 to 39 ‘dots’ each.

The “Café” garnered the most “votes” at 39 dots.

“Computer Area” received 33 dots.

“Quiet Reading Area” and “24 Hour Media Access” received 31 dots each, a tie.

3.  Doug Pfeiffer showed us his Space Summary and how it relates to our Mission and Public Preferences.  The reference area would be downsized, and other areas kept the same or increased. 

4.  The old “Jubilee” grocery store was again discussed as a possible library location.  Grant noted that using that location as a library would remove a large commercial building from the tax rolls in Germantown and not develop a new development.  A library is not a good “anchor store” for a strip mall and we would not know our future neighbors are at that location.  However, we feel we should examine the possibility of the Jubilee location even though we own land for a “Park-Like Setting” which we consider desirable and central to our Mission.  Paul Kouri developed a list of pros and cons from our discussion. Jack Weddle and Paul Kouri will make inquiries.

Paul Kouri provided us maps with population of each branch (township population) and percentage of total library hours.

5. We agreed with the Dewberry “right sized” numbers.  The board agrees that 13,151 square feet is a reasonable working size.

6.  We discussed the Roanoke facility.  No vote was taken. 

7. Soil boring results, per Mark Schaffer, are not required for the grant applications.  If borings are “pending” we can apply for the grant.

8.  We are pleased to see Annie Hicks interested in joining the Library Board and her acceptance as trustee should be on the next agenda.  Grant reported learning from Ann Erickson that she will not be able to serve on the Library Board. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM

Future Meetings:

The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 4 pm at the Metamora Branch Library, 208 E. Partridge Street, Metamora, IL 61548

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