Tuesday,  September 5, 2006 at 4:00P.M.


                                Illinois Prairie District Public Library

                                          Germantown Hills Branch

                                                  101 Warrior Way

                                              Germantown Hills, IL


Board Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting was call to order at 4:05P.M. with the following trustees present: Kramer, Koehler, Peterson, Pugh, Rush, Santos, and Zoss.  Director Fredricksen was also present.  A motion was made and seconded to pay the bills and requisitions.  All voted yes.


A. Ordinances-Levy:  A motion was made by Peterson and seconded by Zoss to pass the levy ordinance that requests $849,690.  All voted yes.


B. Germantown Hills site:  A brief discussion was held on the list we have thus far.  All are to review the list for additions or other changes.


C. Strauch retirement:  An open house will be held in honor of Phyllis on Sat. Sept. 9, from 9:30 to Noon at the Washburn Branch. 


D. E-rate:  There is some question whether the man hours involved in doing the paperwork for this discount is worth the amount we receive.  Paul said he would assist in the application  for this next year and the board will look at this again if needed.


E.  Benson- natural gas rate:  Rates were unavailable at meeting time. Item was tabled.


F.  Roanoke-landscaping:  The board received an estimate on rebuilding the planters . We have since learned that the land is owned by the village but the planters came with the building.  The cost to repair these is unreasonable, so they will be removed with a minor repair done on the one by the drive.


G.  Disaster plan: Having a disaster plan is part of the per capita grant.  When we find out what the plan needs to entail we will look at preparing such a plan.


H.  Health Insurance:  A motion was made by Pugh and seconded by Santos to renew our health insurance coverage with Blue Cross-Blue Shield at an increase of 25%.  All voted yes.


I.  Alliance delivery:  We will be receiving deliveries five days a week instead of  two.


J.  RSVP report: We have informed that our 6 RSVP volunteers have given over 609 hours of service to our libraries.


K.  Policy Examination:  Tabled 


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30P.M.


The next regular meeting will be  Tuesday, October 3, 2006 at 4pm at the Metamora Branch Library, 208 E. Partridge Street, Metamora, IL 61548


                                                                               Phyllis Peterson, Secretary
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