Regular Board Meeting 


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Illinois Prairie District Public Library


Metamora Branch and Headquarters

208 E. Partridge Street

Metamora, Illinois




The meeting was called to order at 4pm with the following board members present:  Kramer, Peterson, Pugh, Rush, Santos, Weddle, and Zoss. Also present were Director Fredricksen and Lee Logan.  A motion was made by Santos and seconded by Kramer to pay the bills and requisitions.  All voted yes.


A.  Spring Bay well:  A motion was made by Peterson and seconded by Pugh to contact Ebert from Washington and have them drill a new well at the branch.  All voted yes.


B.  Washburn agreement:  Nothing new.


C.  Germantown Hills site:  Lee Logan , a consultant for library development, made a presentation of how he could work with us to get the current building program to represent what we want .  He charges $75 per hour.


D.  Election:  Board trustees up for election in April are Peterson, Rush, and Weddle.  Packets are ready.


E.  Holiday list:  Pugh made a motion and Zoss seconded to accept the holiday list as presented.  All voted yes.


F.  Facebook for Benson branch:  A Facebook page will be set up for this Branch to see how it may get more information to patrons.


G.  Volunteer Dinner:  The Central Illinois Banjo Club will entertain for the dinner, to be held at The Flame on Oct. 26, at 6:30pm.


H.  Per Capita  grant Application:  The grant has been written for collection development.


A special meeting for the sole purpose of discussions and information on the Germantown Hills site will be held at 4pm on Oct. 19th at the Metamora Headquarters. A presentation by the Farnsworth group is in the planning.


The meeting adjourned at 5:40pm. The next regular meeting will be Tuesday Nov. 12, 2010 at 4pm at the Metamora Branch and Headquarters Library, 208 E. Partridge Street, Metamora, Illinois 61548.


Phyllis Peterson





Special  Meeting  10-19-2010


The meeting was called at 4pm.  Trustees present were:  Peterson, Pugh, Rush, Weddle, and Zoss.  Kramer was absent.  Director Fredricksen and Librarian Staub were also present. 


A presentation was made by Ed Berry and Cassey Doering of the Farnsworth group on how their firm would approach the use of our building program into a new library in Germantown Hills. 


Action:  A motion was made by Zoss and seconded by Pugh to hire Lee Logan  to work with us on the building program that we now have to make it ready for an architectural firm.  All voted yes. 



The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. 


Phyllis Peterson, Secretary

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