For the Regular Board Meeting

Of the

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

Board of Trustees

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


1. Call to order. Rush called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m. . Present were Trustees Stan Rush, Jack Weddle, Annie Hicks, Evelyn Zoss, and Genna Buhr. Also present was Director Grant Fredericksen.


2. Minutes of the last regular meeting. Minutes of the last regular meeting were incomplete and will be presented at the June meeting.  3. Public comments. None.

4. Salaries for the next Fiscal Year.  The Board received at the meeting a salary chart that included the current salary for each position and percentage increments. Salaries for the next fiscal year were set at the meeting.  Buhr moved, and Hicks seconded to approve a three (3) percent salary increase for all library employees recommended by Fredericksen. Motion passed.

5. Board meeting schedule for the next Fiscal Year. Board discussed the schedule for Fiscal Year 2015. Board agreed to hold all meetings at the Metamora branch and to complete branch tours on one or two dates to be determined.

6. Dusty Hutch building. Fredericksen reported that the company who rebuilt the faade of the building last fall will need to come back and tuck point the remaining brick work on the front.  He also noted that the roof needs to be examined, due to the presence of leaks.

7. Add another delivery. Fredericksen reported that the library can serve its patrons better if it added another delivery to the branches in the our weekly schedule. The added delivery day would be Tuesday. While the delivery load has increased over the last year, the major reason for the added delivery is to move the materials around faster so patrons can get their materials more quickly. Materials going out of the district to other libraries also get on their way more quickly. Board approved the extra deliver and asked Fredericksen to offer the extra hours to Bill (who currently does some delivery) first.

8. Shelving for Roanoke and Germantown Hills. Marge Braker at Roanoke has indicated she needs more shelving. She would like a new range to match the free standing range she has now. That constitutes six free standing, double faced sections. In addition, the Kmart special shelving at Germantown Hills, which has been in place for more than 30 years, is collapsing.  This shelving was never intended to store books and other library material on a long term basis.  This shelving has been in place for more than thirty years. Germantown Hills needs eighteen sections to replace the remainder of the old shelving. New shelving for the Germantown Hills branch will be relocated to any new library facility serving the community. Fredericksen presented an estimate for the shelving that was approximate $11,500.00. He intends to garner a few more estimates and choose the best one. Hicks moved, and Zoss seconded to approve the purchase of eighteen sections of shelving for the two branches. Motion passed.

9. Germantown Hills site. Fredericksen presented information about deadlines to meet in order to pose any questions on the November 2014 ballot. The Board continued its discussion regarding scheduling of public meetings.

10. Roanoke Civic Center. Fredericksen provided and reviewed his notes from committee meeting(s) regarding the proposed Roanoke Civic Center project. At its last meeting a couple of weeks ago, the committee approved drawing up binding contracts to present to the village, the American Legion, and the library. These contracts would detail the financial and service obligations of each group. Fredericksen also presented a news report noting the reduced FEMA funding. The Board discussed and presented questions as to how this would affect the librarys involvement and expected financial contribution to the project.

11. Strategic Plan.Fredericksen presented a draft of a five year strategic plan for the district that focused on library services (rather than facilities).

12. Roanoke Review Microfilm Fredericksen requested the Board approve that the districts copies of the Roanoke Review (19962001) be preserved on microfilm through the service provided at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. The cost is estimated to be between $500600.  The Board also noted that if the papers can be provided on microfilm and in a digital format for $1200 or less, that it approves of digitization, as well. Hicks moved, and Weddle seconded to approve to preservation. Motion passed.

13. Policy Review Tabled.

14. Treasurers report approval of bills and requisitions. Buhr moved, and Hicks seconded to approve payment of the bills and requisitions as presented. Motion passed.

15. Comments to guide future agendas. None.

16. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Genna M. Buhr

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