Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Metamora Headquarters, Metamora, IL


          The Tuesday, May 14, 2013 meeting of the Illinois Prairie District Public Library Board of Trustees met at the Metamora Headquarters in Metamora, IL at 4:00pm.  Board members present were Hicks, Maurer, Rush, Weddle, and Zoss.  Buhr was absent.  Director Fredericksen and Carol Wood were also in attendance.  Maurer moved that we approve the April meeting minutes; Hicks seconded and the motion passed.  There were no public comments.  Board members were reminded to let Fredericksen know if unable to attend meetings, in order to assure having a quorum.



A.     Election and Board reorganization:  Election results were announced, and reorganization of Board positions took place as follows:

President—Stan Rush.  Weddle moved, Zoss seconded and the motion passed.

Vice President---Annie Hicks.  Weddle moved, Maurer seconded and the motion passed.

Treasurer---Jack Weddle.  Maurer moved, Hicks seconded and the motion passed.

Secretary---Evelyn Zoss.  Hicks moved, Maurer seconded and the motion passed.

Building Superintendent---Ken Maurer.  Weddle moved, Hicks seconded and it passed.

Ethics Officer---Gina Buhr.  Maurer moved, Hicks seconded and the motion passed.

There is still an open 2 yr. position on the Board, and Paul Kouri would be willing to fill it.  Maurer moved to nominate Kouri for the Board trustee replacement; Hicks seconded the motion and it passed.

B.     Germantown Hills site:  The Board read thru a bookdrop survey from librarians, to weigh in on a decision on what best fits the needs in the new library plans.  Funding options were discussed.  No final decision was made at this time.

C.     Building at 214 E. Partridge Street:  The Board reviewed the plan and costs of the building, but decided to wait on any decisions concerning it.

D.     Nonresident card approval and fee:  Maurer moved that the Board certify that we will serve the nonresident card program again this year; Hicks seconded the motion and it passed.

E.      Staff evaluation project:  Fredericksen is still working on editing and updating it.

F.      OCLC contract:  This contract, which provides our interlibrary loan and cataloguing services, will cost the same to renew as last year, $6,765.  Maurer moved to approve renewing the contract; Hicks seconded and the motion passed.


Policy review was tabled.  Maurer moved to approve payment of bills and requisitions, and ratify paid bills.  Hicks seconded the motion and it passed.  Adjournment took place at 5:00 pm.  The next regular meeting of the IPDPL Board will be Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 4pm at the Washburn Branch Library, 102 W. Magnolia Street, Washburn, IL.


Submitted by Board Secretary,

Evelyn Zoss


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