Tuesday, May 3 2011 at 4:00 P.M.


Illinois Prairie District Public Library

Spring Bay Branch Library

411 Illinois Street

East Peoria, Illinois 61611


1.                   Meeting was called to order at 4:15 PM.   Present: Kramer, Pugh, Rush, Weddle and Zoss with Director Grant Fredricksen and guests.

2.                   Minutes of the last regular meeting were approved with a minor correction to the date.

3.         Action items:

            A. We held Election of Officers with these results.           

                            Secretary: Evelyn Zoss

                            President: Stan Rush

                            Vice President: Jane Kramer

                            Treasurer: Jack Weddle

            B. We discussed the Germantown Hills site.   Grant understands from Ann Sasso and Rich Brecklin in Germantown Hills that a silt fence is no longer needed since the field was planted with winter wheat this year.

            C. Spring Bay Branch porch is warping and the Spring Bay church has volunteered to help fix it.  We are grateful to the church and will ask Steve Schierer if we need a plan and Grant will ask if we have the correct liability insurance.

D. Blacktop repair at Spring Bay and Roanoke Branches is needed and should be ordered.

E. We voted to participate in the Nonresident Program and will charge $142 per participant. 

F. The Board reviewed the Sick Leave report and hours policy and expenses.

G. Grant Fredricksen reported on the Washburn Branch closure on 4/20/11, due to a power outage that affected the Washburn community. 

H. We discussed a date for the volunteer dinner and proposed October 25, 2011, if the dining location and entertainment are available. 

4.                        Grant read the GASB policy with five classifications of fund balances.  We approved the CASB policy.  We tabled further Policy Review.  

5.                        Public Comments will be listed on future agendas to ensure we offer opportunities under the Freedom of Information Act.  Grant will develop a proposed policy to guide public comments.  It is possible we will want to limit time or limit discussion to agenda items at one time, and leave discussion open to non agenda items at a different time in the meeting. 

5.         We voted to approve the Treasurerís report and approved paying the bills and requisitions

6.         Comments to guide future agendas. 

7.         We adjourned at 5:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted, Betty Pugh 


The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 4 pm at the Washburn Branch  Branch Library, 102 W. Magnolia, Washburn, Illinois 61570.

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