for the Regular Board Meeting of the

Illinois Prairie District Public Library Board of Trustees

March 4, 2014


1. Call to order. Rush called the meeting to order at 4:03 p.m. Present were Trustees Stan Rush, Jack Weddle, Ken Maurer, Paul Kouri, Evelyn Zoss, and Genna Buhr. Also present were irector Grant Fredericksen and Mr. Kaywin Martin of Delray Beach, Florida.

2. Minutes of the last regular meeting. Maurer moved and Weddle seconded to approve the minutes of the February 4, 2014, regular meeting. Kouri abstained. Motion passed.

3. Public comments. None.

4. Roanoke Branch proposal. Martin submitted an update and summary about the Roanoke Community Center/Library project. The proposal for a new building includes the library, the village of Roanoke, the American Legion, and the Roanoke Farmers Association (RFA). The proposal includes that the the RFA donates their site and clears it to prepare for construction. The village of Roanoke will proceed with its FEMA grant of $525,000 as its part in the project. It is proposed that the library district contributes $100,000 and the proceeds from the sale of the current Roanoke Branch library building.  Since their building was destroyed in last springs flood, the American Legion will be included. Martin expects to contribute about $812,500. The proposed facility will include 4,000 square feet for the library, a conference room for public use, a room specifically for the American Legion, and an area for village offices. Martin noted that he is working with adjacent landowners to acquire property to construct a parking lot for additional parking. An intergovernmental agreement between the library and the village of Roanoke has been discussed but only in the most general way. Martin requested that if the library board approved of participating in the project as it moves forward that it provide a nonbinding letter of intent so that it can be included in the paperwork that is due to FEMA by March 15, 2014. After discussion and questions, Weddle moved, and Maurer seconded to approve and submit the letter of intent as presented. Motion passed. A copy of the letter of intent is attached to this document.

5. Backup personnel. The Board engaged in its final discussion of terms for the assistant director position. Weddle moved, and Zoss seconded to approve Erin Roberts as Assistant Director.  motion passed.

6. District visioning process. Kouri requested the Boards permission to set dates for public informational meetings to be held in Roanoke, Germantown Hills, and Metamora. Board consensus approved the scheduling of the meetings.

7. Germantown Hills site. Informational meetings are being scheduled to discuss the role of construction, in relation to Germantown Hills and other communities, within the districts master plan.

8. Benson Branch hours. The Board reviewed copies of suggestions from patrons of the Benson Branch regarding hours and services. After discussion, Buhr moved, and Kouri seconded to keep Benson hours the same as they currently stand. Motion passed.

9. Washburn Branch problem. On Wednesday, January 9, 2014, Donna Adami, Washburn Branch Librarian, reported that her petty cash of $10.00 was stolen. A police report was filed. The Washburn village board replaced the lock on the door, and keys have been distributed.

10. Paying bills. Fredericksen reported that two months ago, the Board inquired as to the procedure and timing of bill payment related to automatic payment or payment upon receipt (rather than at the monthly board meeting). He noted that vendors are paid on time, and the library does not incur service charges or late fees.

11. Per capita grant. Fredericksen reported that this year is the first year in recent memory that the State Library has paid the maximum amount for this grant. IPDPL will receive $1.25 per person. Next year, the per capita grant application requires participation in The Edge Initiative, a standards and review process focusing on technology in the library. One of the requirements for The Edge Initiative is that one staff member and one board member attend an informational webinar. Buhr volunteered to attend the webinar on behalf of the Board.

12. Policy review. Tabled.

13. Treasurers report approval of bills and requisitions. Kouri moved, and Weddle seconded to approve payment of bills and requisitions as presented. Motion passed.

14. Comments to guide future agendas. None.

15. Adjournment. Rush adjourned the meeting at 6:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Genna M. Buhr

Board Secretary

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