Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Washburn Branch Library, Washburn, IL


1.      Call to order: The Tuesday, June 4, 2013 meeting of the Illinois Prairie District Public Library Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:06pm at the Washburn Branch Library in Washburn, IL.  Board members present were Buhr, Kouri, Maurer, Rush, Weddle, and Zoss.  Director Fredericksen was also in attendance.

2.      Minutes of the last regular meeting:  A spelling correction was made to last month’s minutes, in Action Item A:  Buhr’s first name was corrected to “Genna.”  Maurer so moved, Buhr seconded and the motion passed.  Kouri abstained.

3.      Public comments:  There were no public comments.  Kouri expressed appreciation for his appointment to the Board.

4.      Retirement:  Sandy Madsen, Assistant District Librarian/Branch Operations, submitted her retirement from the library.  She served the library for 19 years and her last day will be June 28, 2013.  Maurer moved to accept Sandy’s resignation with congratulations on her retirement, and also include a special retirement dinner and gift for her.  Weddle seconded the motion and it passed.  The dinner will be at Michael’s in Germantown Hills at $13 a head.  Also, a search will be conducted by Fredericksen for a replacement for Sandy’s position.

5.      Beginning wage salary scale:  Fredericksen invited discussion on a beginning wage for someone replacing Sandy, who would have the work experience and qualifications needed.  Buhr moved that new employees be paid $8.25 the first 90 days, and any current staff changing positions remain at their present wage, not the $8.25; then following wage increases for all occur at 1 year increments.  Weddle seconded the motion and it passed.

6.      Germantown Hills site:  Discussion on the bookdrop was tabled.  Fredericksen presented a list of 3 financial consultants for consideration.  The Board would like him to ask all 3 consultants, questions about their services, fees, and experience working with libraries.

7.      Building at 214 E. Partridge Street:  Kouri moved that we table immediate renovations on the 214 E. Partridge building and give time to coming up with a cohesive vision for the district’s needs, remaining open to doing a referendum in conjunction with the renovations at 214.  Weddle seconded the motion and it passed.  Kouri, Buhr, and Fredericksen will meet for the specific purpose of defining that vision for the district.

8.      Staff evaluation project:  No progress at this time.

9.      Prevailing Wage Ordinance:  Buhr made a motion to pay prevailing wage and pass the ordinance; Kouri seconded and the motion passed.

10.  Open Meetings Act: A Primer:  Phil Lenzini wrote an explanatory article regarding the Open Meetings Act, for trustees.  All newly elected or appointed trustees must take the OMA course on the Attorney General’s website, completing the course one time during their term in office, and a certificate recognizing the completion must be kept on file at the library.  Trustees need to complete this and submit the certificate to Fredericksen within the next 90 days.

11.  Volunteer dinner:  The Board expressed a preference for having the volunteer dinner in early November.  Fredericksen will pursue scheduling it.

12.  Policy review:  Fredericksen presented an updated version of the library policy and board bylaws; the Board will look at the changes before the updated policy is sent to the library branches.

13.  Treasurer’s report:  Weddle moved that we approve and pay the bills and requisitions; Kouri seconded and the motion passed.

14.  Comments to guide future agendas:  The results of the “District Vision” meeting will be shared at the next regular Board  meeting.

15.  Adjournment:  The IPDPL Board meeting adjourned at 5:40pm.  The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 4pm at the Metamora Branch Library, 208 E. Partridge Street, Metamora, IL  61548.


Submitted by Board Secretary,

Evelyn Zoss 

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