Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Washburn Branch Library

Washburn, IL


          The June 5, 2012 regular meeting of the Illinois Prairie District Public Library Board of Trustees met at the Washburn Branch Library in Washburn, Illinois; the meeting was called to order at 4:03pm.  Present were Board trustees Buhr, Hicks, Kramer, Pugh, Rush, Weddle and Zoss.  Director Fredericksen was also present.  The minutes of the May 1, 2012 meeting were reviewed, with one change to the action items recorded at that meeting; in the discussion of the salaries, the Board did not go into Executive session.

There were no public comments.



A.  Germantown Hills site:  In speaking with Doug Pfeiffer of Dewberry, Buhr was told the state library expects to contact those libraries that will be receiving grants by the end of June.  Hopes are for positivie news on this.  In questions that have arisen over building on our property versus using the Jubilee store property, it was decided that Board trustees will share the spreadsheet of information given us by Dewberry comparing the economic feasibility of the 2 options; taking into consideration the specific needs of a modern state-of-the-art library building.

B.  Ordinance 11-8:  Prevailing Wage:  This ordinance verifies that we agree to pay the prevailing wage on construction.  Pugh moved that we pass this ordinance; Hicks seconded and the motion passed.

C.  Beginning wage salary scale:  Fredericksen printed out a stepped salary scale just to bring initial ideas to the table.  Lengthy discussion ensued on doing evaluations on job performance to affect salary decisions.  Fredericksen will bring a proposed evalution form to the next meeting for discussion.  Pugh moved that we propose a 3-step scale at approxiamately 6 month intervals.  The motion died.  Hicks moved that we table this until the next meeting; Buhr seconded and the motion passed.

D.  Per capita grant:  The grant amounted to $22,195.95.

E.  NAEIR:  With the renewal of membership was a discussion on its purpose and use within the library system; agreed to continue membership.

F.  Health insurance:  Current health and dental insurance coverage and costs were discussed.

G.  Regular board meeting dates:  All board meetings will be on the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of January 1st; that meeting will be moved to the second Tuesday of January 2013.

H.  Operating budget:  There was a motion by Kramer to accept a working budget of $1,093,699.70 for the FY 2012/2013.  Weddled seconded the motion and it passed.

I.  Microfilm reader/printers:  ST Imaging is a company that produces a microfilm reading machine that reads microfilm, enlarges and brightens with a digital camera in it.  They also produce a book scanner machine that can digitize any book in the library.  The microfilm reading machines are $8,485 each, and the book scanners $4,795.  A computer and printer to go with this system would be $2,000.  The reader and scanner come in a packge deal; Hicks moved that we purchase 2 reading machines, a scanner and the computer and printer to go with them.  Weddle seconded the motion, and the motion was passed by the Board.

J.  ADML Advantage:  ADML Advantage is an E-book digital library that is offering a special  discount right now; in that, when a library purchases their plan, the library not only gets a reduced set-up fee and access to more e-books, but also purchases e-books that remain with the library permanently, in an account only our library district will have access to, which frees up waiting time on books.  The cost is under $1000; the Board encouraged Fredericksen to purchase the plan.


          Policy review was tabled.  Kramer moved that we pay the bills and requisitions; Hicks seconded the motion and it passed.  Weddle moved to adjourn the meeting; Hicks seconded the motion and it passed.  The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 4:00pm at the Metamora Branch Library Headquarters in Metamora, IL.


Submitted by Board Secretary

Evelyn Zoss

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