Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 4:00pm

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

Metamora Branch Library

Metamora, Illinois


         The July 3, 2012 regular meeting of the IPDPL Board of Trustees was called to order at the Metamora Branch Library in Metamora, IL at 4:00pm.  Board trustees present were Buhr, Hicks, Kramer, Pugh, Rush, Weddle and Zoss.  Director Fredericksen was also present, and Carol Wood present as a visitor.  The minutes of the June 5, 2012 meeting were reviewed, with one slight change under H. in the Action Items; Weddle's name was amended to be correctly spelled in the motion he seconded in that action item.  Buhr made a motion which was seconded by Kramer to correct the spelling; the motion passed.


          A public hearing was opened on the tentative budget of $1,093,699.70 for FY 2012/2013.  No comments were forthcoming and the public hearing was closed.



A.  Ordinance 12-1:  Regular Meeting Dates--This ordinance states the dates and places of Board meetings in the coming year.  Pugh moved to accept the dates; Buhr seconded the motion and it passed, and the document was signed.

B.  Ordinance 12-2:  Building Maintenance Tax--The District can ask for building maintenance tax funds at a .02% tax rate.  Pugh made a motion to levy that amount; Kramer seconded the motion and it passed.

C.  Ordinance 12-3:  Banking designation--This ordinance notifies where the District banks.  Pugh moved to accept the ordinance; Hicks seconded and it passed.

D.  Ordinance 12-4:  Special Reserve Fund--This ordinance announced the existence of the special reserve fund plan.  Buhr moved to accept it; Pugh seconded and it passed.

E.  Ordinance 12-5:  Special Reserve Fund plan:  This ordinance describes the special reserve fund plan and what it entails.  Weddle moved to approve it; Kramer seconded it and the motion passed.

F.  Germantown Hills site:  Fredericksen informed the Board that all guidelines and qualifications for the state grant were met in our application, but that we did not receive it. Fredericksen will find out where we placed in the order of the list of those who were considered.    In viewing different options for funding the new Germantown Hills library, it was decided that Doug Pfeiffer should do an assessment of the Jubilee store to have in hand known costs of renovation in comparison to the new building program, and accept a proposal from Dewberry for our next step.  Hicks moved to approve this assessment and proposal; Weddle seconded.  The motion passed, with 1 nay.  

G.  Health insurance:  Fredericksen presented a hand-out of current health insurance rates.

H.  Staff evaluation:  Staff evaluations and how they would be carried out in a small library district was discussed at length.  Fredericksen will present a schedule to us next month for doing evaluations; Kramer moved to approve this idea, Hicks seconded and it passed.

I.  Charge to Hometown Community Bank account:  Kramer moved that the HCB account be charged $1,062.50 for expenses incurred in paying Fred Schlipf for work he did on the Roanoke project.  Buhr seconded the motion and it passed. 

J.  Supplemental tax review:  Reviewing the various kinds of taxes available to district libraries was required as part of our per capita grant application, and was included in our information packet.

K.  Beginning wage salary scale:  Tabled.

L.  OCLC contract:  This contract renewal includes a flat fee of $6,675 for maintaining our district's online service and lending provisions and abilities.  Hicks made a motion to approve renewing the contract; Buhr seconded and the motion carried.

M.  Working cash fund:  Kramer moved that the Board dissolve working cash and levy for it again; Hicks seconded the motion and it passed.

N.  Roanoke retaining wall:  The retaining wall at the north end of the parking lot at Roanoke has crumbled.   Lonewolf Concrete has given us an estimate of $9,230 to fix it.  Buhr moved that we have Lonewolf Concrete do the repairs to the wall; Zoss seconded and the motion passed.  Kramer moved that this be paid for out of maintenance and then be reimbursed from the HCB account.  Weddle seconded the motion and it passed.


          Policy review was tabled.


          Weddle moved that we pay the bills and requisitions; Kramer seconded the motion and it passed.  The meeting was adjourned.  The next regular meeting of the IPDPL will be Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 4:00pm at the Benson Branch Library in Benson, IL.   

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