Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 4:00 P.M.


Metamora Branch Library

208 E. Partridge Street

Metamora, Illinois 61548


1.         Meeting was called to order at 4:07 PM.   Present: Kramer, Pugh, Rush, Weddle, Director Grant Fredricksen, new proposed (and appointed during the meeting) Board Member Genna Burr and guests Mr. And Mrs. Clark Hopkins.

2.         Minutes of the last regular meeting were approved with a minor correction to the spelling of a name; special meeting minutes were approved as presented. 

3.         We held a public meeting on the tentative budget and discussed the numbers.

a.         Jane Kramer moved and Betty Pugh seconded to welcome G Burk as our newest Board Member.  She was approved with 100% of the vote.

b.         Germantown Hills RFP’s are being sent to architects. 

c.         Spring Bay branch’s porch enclosure is tabled until the drawing is complete.

d.         Public Comments section: Clark Hopkins asked definition of RFP which is Request for Proposal.  He is concerned about the building’s size and discussed that the Germantown Hills former grocery store is mostly vacant.  Clark Hopkins asked if our Library Ordinances are on a website (they are not currently) and asked if e are on track with building.  He encouraged the board to present to the Germantown Hills board and says the meeting in August is the 3rd Tuesday at noon.  Clark Hopkins also invited us to join the Chamber of Commerce. 

e.         Visitor’s policy is tabled for further study.

f.          We discussed the proposed ordinances.

                         i.      11-1 Pugh moved and Burk seconded to approve 11-1, Board meeting dates.  The ordinance passed unanimously.

                        ii.      11-2 Kramer moved and Pugh seconded to approve 11-2, Building maintenance tax.  The ordinance passed unanimously

                        iii.      11-3 Pugh moved and Weddle seconded to approve 11-3, Investments.  The ordinance passed unanimously

                        iv.      11-4 Kramer moved and Burk seconded to approve 11-4, Special Reserve Fund.  The ordinance passed unanimously

                        v.      11-5 Pugh moved and Weddle seconded to approve 11-5, Special Reserve Fund plan.  The ordinance passed unanimously

                        vi.      Pugh moved and Weddle seconded to approve 11-6, Budget and Appropriation.  The ordinance passed unanimously. 

g.         For OCLC, Burk moved and Kramer seconded to approved OCLC.  The proposal passed unanimously.

                                    h.         Benson’s hours have been Wednesday 2 – 5 PM and Friday 2 – 6 PM.  It was recommended that the hours be changed to Wednesday 2 – 6 PM and Friday 2 – 5 PM, as library traffic is low Friday after 5 PM.    Pugh moved and Burk seconded that we accept the recommended change in hours as soon as they can be implemented.

4.                   Policy Review was tabled.

5.                   Kramer moved and Weddle seconded that we pay the bills and requisitions, which passed.

6.                   We discussed public meetings.

7.                   We adjourned at 5:30 PM


The next meeting is the special meeting on Tuesday, July 26 at 4 PM at Metamora library.


The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 4 pm at the Benson Branch Library, 420 East Front Street, Benson, IL 61516.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty E. Pugh

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