Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Metamora Headquarters

Metamora, IL


          The January 8, 2013 regular meeting of the IPDPL Board of Trustees was called to order at the Metamora Headquarters in Metamora, IL at 4:00pm.  Board trustees present were Buhr, Rush, Weddle, and Zoss; Director Fredericksen was also present.  Hicks, Maurer, and Pugh were absent.  Doug Pfeiffer and Amanda Voorhees from Dewberry were present.  The minutes of the last meeting stood approved, and there were no public comments.



A.     Germantown Hills site:  The Dewberry architects presented 2 options to the Board for evaluation, which illustrated ideas for both an exterior and interior views of the proposed library.  After some discussion and clarification, Buhr moved that Option 1 be used as a base for the exterior, and that Fredericksen meet with the architects to discuss interior function.  Weddle seconded and the motion passed.

B.     Beginning wage salary scale:  Fredericksen presented an initial draft of a beginning wage scale.  The Board will wait for Hicks’ counsel before making any final decisions.

C.     Elections:  All petitions of Board members running for re-election were signed and submitted.

D.     NAEIR evaluation:  Following discussion and looking at expenses involved, Weddle moved that we drop NAEIR.  Buhr seconded the motion and it passed.

E.      GASB 54:  formal approval:  The Board approved and signed a formal approval form stating we adopted Governmental Accounting Standard Board statement 54, which classifies our budget into categories prescribed by this standard.

F.      Statement of Economic Interest:  Board members filled out and signed these forms.

G.     Staff evaluation project:  Fredericksen is still working on job descriptions.

H.     Petty cash account:  In order for this account to remain insured under the FDIC $250,000 coverage, the status of the account needed to be changed.  Board President Rush signed new documents to make this change.

I.        ADML contract:  This is the annual contract that gives us access to loaning e-books.  Buhr moved that we pay the $1515 expense and sign the contract; Weddle seconded and the motion passed.

J.       Certificate of Status of Exempt Property:  This form must be sent each year to the Supervisor of Assessments to assure that usage of our library properties has not changed.


          Policy review was tabled.  Buhr moved to approve the bills and requisitions; Weddle seconded the motion and it passed.  The Board also affirmed to Fredericksen that it would be good to show the Germantown Hills library architectural plan to Fred Schlipf.  The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 4 pm at the Metamora Branch and headquarters library, in Metamora, IL.


Submitted by Board Secretary,

Evelyn Zoss

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