for the Regular Board Meeting of the

Illinois Prairie District Public Library Board of Trustees

February 4, 2014

1.         Call to order. Rush called the meeting to order at 4:03 p.m. Present were Trustees Stan Rush, Jack Weddle, Ken Maurer, and Genna Buhr. Also present were Director Grant Fredericksen, staff member Carol Wood, and community member Julie Zoss.

2.         Minutes of the last regular meeting. Maurer moved, and Weddle seconded to pass the minutes of the January 7, 2014, meeting. Motion passed.

3.         Public comments. Zoss stated she was here to learn what was going on.

4.         Germantown Hills site
financial considerations. Steve Larson, financial consultant, was not present, but noted via Fredericksen, that he has no new updates for the Board.

5.         Contract with Direct Energy. Wood presented comparisons of energy rates for branches in Metamora, Spring Bay, Roanoke, and Washburn. Current energy contracts are ending soon. Homefield Energy offers the lowest rates for the branches under review. Benson
s branch continues to receive the lowest rates from ComEd. Weddle moved, and Maurer seconded to move energy contracts for Metamora, Spring Bay, Roanoke, and Washburn branches to Homefield Energy at the rates presented at the meeting. Motion passed.

6.         IMRF contribution. Wood presented figures regarding a potential lump sum payment towards library IMRF contributions to be made in December 2014. The payment could be made in order reduce the library
s taxing rate for IMRF.

7.         Computers for the Spring Bay Branch. Wood presented an estimate to replace five public computers with new units at the Spring Bay branch. Buhr moved, and Weddle seconded to approve the purchase as presented. Motion passed.

8.         Databases on website. Wood presented information and estimates to make the nearly completed microfilm indexing project web accessible. Weddle moved, and Maurer seconded to approve the project and associated costs as presented. Motion passed.

9.         Benson Branch hours. The Branch Librarian is requesting a change to the branch
s hours. No action taken.

10.       Backup personnel.Tabled.

11.       Washburn Branch problem. On Wednesday, January 8, Donna Adami, Washburn Branch librarian, reported that her petty cash was stolen. The Washburn village board replaced the lock on the door. Since this occurred at the beginning of the month, there was only $10.00 in the petty cash. A police report was made.

12.       Paying bills. Discussion regarding the timing and methods of bill payment was tabled.

13.       Roanoke Branch. Fredericksen presented a draft of a proposed memo of intent as submitted by Kaywin Martin. No action taken.

14.       Policy Review Tabled..

15.       Treasurer
s report approval of bills and requisitions Weddle

moved, and Maurer seconded to approve payment of bills and requisitions as presented. Motion passed.

16.       Comments to guide future agendas. None.

17.       Adjournment Rush adjourned the meeting at 5:02 p.m.

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