Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Metamora Headquarters

Metamora, IL


          The February 5, 2013 regular meeting of the IPDPL Board of Trustees convened at the Metamora Headquarters in Metamora, IL at 4:00pm.  Board trustees present were Buhr, Hicks, Maurer, Rush, Weddle, and Zoss; Pugh was absent.  Director Fredericksen was present, as was Amanda Voorhees from Dewberry.  The January minutes were corrected under Action Item H pertaining to the Petty cash checking account, which remained under FDIC insurance coverage until 12-31-12.  The Petty cash checking account will now be covered by the Commerce Bank Depository Agreement, with Board President Rush signing the document that made this change.  Otherwise the minutes stood approved.  There were no public comments.



A.     Germantown Hills site:  Voorhees reviewed the site plan for the new building.  With staff concerns expressed about a drive-thru book-drop, the Board asked her to revise the building and parking area, to include an indoor book-drop that would give drive-thru drop-off accessibility from a newly-configured driveway connected with the parking lot.  On the interior floor plan, an additional door will be planned in the north side by the youth services area.

B.     Electrical rates:  Lower rates have been offered from other companies, and it doesn’t cost to break the contract with our current provider.  The Board advised Fredericksen to simply go for the best rate with whichever company he prefers.

C.     Washburn Branch—Frontier for internet:  Circulation has been halted at times by Mediacom changing the library’s IP with no warning.  Fredericksen would like to try Frontier at Washburn as a test, to see how it goes at one branch, then consider change from there.  The Board gave approval.

D.     Cisco firewall license:  The Board approved purchasing a new license for a Cisco firewall, to retain current capabilities.

E.      Beginning wage salary scale:  Tabled.

F.      Staff evaluation project:  Fredericksen is still working on this; new software will help to write the job descriptions in a fashion compliant with ADA rules.


       Policy review was tabled.  Maurer moved to pay the bills and requisitions; Weddle seconded and the motion passed.  Adjournment was at 6:04pm. The next regular meeting will be Tuesday, March 4, 2013 at 4:00pm at the Metamora Branch in Metamora, IL.

Submitted by Board Secretary,

Evelyn Zoss

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