Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 4:00 P.M.


Metamora Branch Library

208 E. Partridge Street

Metamora, Illinois 61548


1.                   Meeting was called to order at 4:01 PM.   Present: Buhr, Ericsson, Kramer, Pugh, Rush, Weddle, and Director Grant Fredricksen, and guest Paul Kouri of PSA Dewberry. Absent: Zoss

2.                   Minutes of the last regular meeting were approved as presented.  (Proposed by Pugh, seconded by Ericsson.)

3.                   We agreed with the proposed holiday list with the addition of a holiday on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, 2012.  (Kramer moved and Pugh seconded.)

4.                   Until lately, Mediacom was the only Internet option for all libraries.  Mediacom offers static IP addresses that Grant should arrange. 

5.                   Frontier now offers Internet for the Washburn, Roanoke and Benson areas and this can be investigated later.

6.                   Benson Library voice over IP is tabled for now.

7.                   Grant mentioned Fred Schlipf’s memo about selecting an architect before the end of the year so the architect can help with grant applications.  Grant reports the State of Illinois will sell $50 million in bonds.  Chicago gets $10 million and the balance is to be apportioned through the rest of Illinois.  We are in a position to apply for these grants as we are at the right stage of building.  Grant applications are due by April 16, 2012.  An architect completes most applications.  Our grant index of .47 indicates the grants MIGHT cover up to 47% of costs.  We would apparently pay and request reimbursement.

8.                   After written voting and rating the three top architects numerically we selected the order for our architects.  Ericsson moved and Kramer seconded that we accept the ratings as determined.  We agreed to this rating.  These are:

a.       First, PSA Dewberry

b.       Second, Apace Design

c.       Third, Farnsworth

9.                   We agreed to pay the bills and requisitions.

10.                Health and Safety inspection for the Washburn Branch Library was satisfactory.

11.                Spring Bay Bookies book club invites the Board members to attend their ten year celebration at 1 PM on January 7 at the Flame.  The members appreciate the invitation and thank the Spring Bay book club.

12.                Policy Review was tabled.

13.                We adjourned at 4:50 PM 

The next regular meeting is January at 3, 2012, PM at the Metamora library. 


Respectfully submitted,

Betty E. Pugh


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