For the Regular Board Meeting

Of the

Illinois Prairie District Public Library

Board of Trustees

April 1, 2014


1. Call to order. Rush called the meeting to order at 4:03 p.m. . Present were Trustees Stan Rush, Jack Weddle, Annie Hicks, and Genna Buhr. Also present was Director Grant Fredericksen.

2. Minutes of the last meeting. Weddle moved, and Hicks seconded to approve the minutes of the March meeting. Motion passed.

3. Public comments. The Board reviewed a memorandum email from Marge and Connie (staff) of the Roanoke branch regarding the proposed building site.

4. OCLC Contract. Fredericksen presented for renewal the OCLC contract that provides cataloging and interlibrary loan services. Next years cost will be $6,765. This is the same as last year. Buhr moved, and Hicks seconded to approve the contract. Motion passed.

5. District Visioning Process. Buhr updated the Board on the process. Dates are looking to be scheduled for late April/May.

6. Roanoke Civic Center Committee. Fredericksen presented his notes from the Roanoke Civic Center Committee meetings of March 5 and March 27.

7. Dusty Hutch building Fredericksen reported a party is interested in purchasing the Dusty Hutch building. Discussion ensued. No motion taken.

8. Germantown Hills site. No action taken.


9. Salaries next year. The Board reviewed and discussed salaries and potential increases forthe next fiscal year. No action taken.

10. Policy review. Tabled.


11. Treasurers report approval of bills and requisitions Hicks

moved, and Weddle seconded to pay the bills and requisitions as presented. Motion passed.

12. Comments to guide future agendas. Fredericksen noted that future agendas would include strategic planning and the impact of the reallocation of tax levies/income on any possible referendum requests.

13. Adjournment.Weddle moved, and Hicks seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.